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At Knights Academy...


we believe success comes from developing skills and attitude through hard work and dedication.  Knights Academy was designed to provide your child with the specific training they need to succeed.  We teach our players how to play hard and play together. Our love for the game and childrens' development drives us to teach others.


The Training program is a year round program for youth to learn, compete and achieve. Teams will start forming in October.  During the fall we will train and possibly compete in local leagues.  Players on the summer teams are not guaranteed a spot on the spring and winter competitive teams, however they are in the best position to advance.  The winter teams gives younger players an opportunity to see if they are ready to participate at the competitive level, as well as gives coaches an opportunity to prepare for the competitive Winter/Spring schedule.




We focus on dribbling with both hands equally, shooting, offensive moves, defense and attitude. We want your child to become a consistant and confident scorer, lock down defender and team leader.


Knights Academy Focus Areas:
Competitive Attitude
Basketball IQ
Offensive Moves


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